Friday, January 18, 2013

Ready. Set. Go.


I created this blog a few months ago but have yet to actually write a post. I originally wanted to use this as a way to diary my weight loss journey... and I still will, however, now that I am 4+ months into this journey I realize it is so much more than I ever imagined. It is not JUST weight loss. What I have experienced in the last 4+ months has been LIFE CHANGING. Since I decided it was time to make a change I have met some amazing people both online and in person!

In the beginning, I was surfing the web looking for ideas, information, and inspiration. While looking on Pinterest, I stumbled across a pin that linked me to a blog of a woman known as Mama Laughlin. Her awesome personality plus amazing weight loss story had me at the first click of the mouse. I read and read her posts and soon found myself making changes in my life to mimic her choices. This directly resulted in me losing pounds, quickly! I soon found out there was a Facebook group inspired by ML dedicated solely to women trying to lose weight! I jumped right on that wagon and the rest is history! I love reading ML's blog and I love the encouragement and support I get from the Facebook group! It all has changed my life. Today I have lost approximately 29 lbs since August 20th, I ran a 5K (with hills) without walking at all for the first time EVER (PR of 41:48), and I met Mama Laughlin in person at the Dallas Marathon Expo!

UPDATE!! 1/18/2013

So, I wrote the above last month but never finished it or posted it. Today, I stand at a total weight loss of 35 lbs since August 20th and am still going strong. I started a 3 day juice cleanse/fast today and will be blogging about my experience later this weekend!



  1. Great job on the loss, girl! You need a follow button. Come follow me too.

  2. You are doing awesome Morgan. keep it up! I will check back for your follow button!

  3. Wow! You are doing awesome. I really hope to continue reading about your journey--keep posting, girl!

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